About me

Influenced by elBulli, Spain´s legendary Michelin 3-star restaurant, Jacobo Astray’s deeply personal cooking masterfully hand-picks and elegantly fuses ingredients to come together on the plate as the ultimate culinary art experience in town: Gula Bangkok.

Jacobo Astray

Born in Galicia, a vibrant region in northwestern Spain known internationally as a foodie paradise, since an early age, Chef Jacobo developed a passion for artisanal yet modern cuisine. His culinary explorations and outstanding skills brought him all the way to elBulli, the famed Michelin three-star restaurant, helmed by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià.

This is where he learned about food as a form of artistic expression. After elBulli served its final meal, Chef Jacobo decided to travel the world to discover new flavours, recipes and techniques to enhance his already outstanding repertoire.
Gula Bangkok is Chef Jacobo’s latest top-notch culinary venture, from where hecontinues to push the boundaries of avant-garde cuisine with his cutting-edge techniques and modernist artistry through his ever-evolving signature seasonal menus.

Based on the chef extensive knowledge, sharp intuition and considered experimentation, Gula Bangkok offers the ultimate culinary art experience in town, a journey designed to shock and surprise as well as delight.

A delectable taste sensation with a true lasting impact.